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We have compiled below a list of key facts to consider when moving:

You will find a detailed Description of all services listed under the life event Moving in and to Troisdorf (only in German available).


You must register in your new home city within one week of your move to Troisdorf. You must register in person at the Troisdorf Bürgerbüro (Citizens' Office). This is situated on the ground floor of the Town Hall at Kölner Str. 176. Please bring with you identity cards for all the persons to be registered and, if available, passports as well. Please provide a birth certificate or family register for minors who do not yet have a passport.

Here you will find Information on amending your personal identity card (only in German available).

Vehicle licensing

If you have moved from the Rhein-Sieg district to Troisdorf and do not therefore need a new number plate for your vehicle, you can sort out the re-registration at the Troisdorf Bürgerbüro. Further information is available here (only in German available).
You can also reserve a number plate if you wish.

Moving with children

If you are moving with children, you are sure to be interested in our

Children's daycare facilities with information on registration procedure
Leisure facilities for children and young people

You will find all further information on our pages for children and young people.

These informations are available in German.

Residents-only parking

There is an increasing number of residents-only parking zones in some city-centre districts. If your home is located in one of these districts, it may be useful to obtain a residents-only parking permit. These are also available at the Bürgerbüro. Click here for information  (only in German available).

Removals van

You will need a permit if you are using a large removals van which will take up part of the street or the pavement. To find out what the requirements are, you can ring the Transport Office (only German available).

Forwarding post

Remember to apply to Deutsche Post to have your mail forwarded.
Your post will then be forwarded to your new address for either 6 or 12 months.

You can obtain a forwarding application (Nachsendeantrag) from any post office or online.

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