open space (lawn) between different districts of Troisdorf

Open space planning

Open space planning as a component of urban planning

Open space planning encompasses the protection and design of free, undeveloped spaces inside and outside towns. It complements landscape planning, which applies only to the open landscape and deals specifically with nature conservation and landscape management.

Open space planning inputs into every level of urban planning, from the open space development plan in the form of a specialist contribution to the land development plan, to accompanying landscape management plans and environmental audits for building development plans.

Whilst the Office for Urban Development and Geoinformation formulates the concepts for open space planning, the responsibility for the detailed planning and implementation of landscaping schemes lies with the Office for the Environment and Climate Protection (only in German available).

part of the fixed landscape plan no. 6 by the rhine-sieg-district enlarge picture

District in charge of landscape planning

Outside the cohesively developed urban districts and the scope of building development plans, landscape plans form the basis for the development, protection and care of open landscapes. In contrast to many other federal states, landscape planning in North-Rhine Westphalia is not the responsibility of the municipality (Kommune), but of the district (Kreis).

Nature and landscape conservation areas

The landscape plans specify landscape and nature conservation areas. They also list development objectives for the landscape and specify concrete measures to manage and develop sub-areas. Landscape plan no. 6, illustrated alongside, shows Meindorfer Allee as a specially protected part of the landscape, no. 2.3-1, and the Siegaue as a landscape conservation area (green). The Sieglarer See already lies in the nature conservation area (red).

The landscape plans of the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis (only in German available) apply to the Troisdorf urban district.