Urban development

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Development plans accompany constant change in Troisdorf

A changing society and its impact on urban development in Troisdorf is a continual challenge for planners. Planning concepts are designed to secure lasting and sustainable development and to achieve maximum benefits for people and the environment.

In order to understand the complex processes of urban development, the individual elements of the city structure, such as housing or transport, are studied in more detail. Once plans have been prepared, municipal land-use planning gives them binding force for building development.


Impending change in population trends

Despite the decline in birth rates, the number of inhabitants in Troisdorf is still increasing. The reason behind this trend is higher net migration. This means that the number of people moving to Troisdorf at the moment is higher than those leaving. The entire region is an immigration zone.

Given this situation, planning for growth over the next 10 to 15 years will continue to play a major role in the development of

  • residential and working premises,
  • trade and commerce,
  • transport and municipal infrastructure.

It is, however, already foreseeable that the increase in net migration will not compensate for the decline in natural population growth over the long term. Urban development planning will then have to change tack and manage the processes of adapting to changing needs in the opposite direction. Even now, consideration must be given as to how the surplus capacity of tomorrow should be handled.

General approach, plans and concepts

In the course of urban development planning, the city of Troisdorf draws up concepts in the form of strategic plans. Problems and their causes are examined as to how they can be solved at a local level. The nature of the strategy means that the plans still have no force - they are recommended courses of action. As well as implementing land-use planning measures, the town also stimulates development by investing within the limits of its own financial capacity. Examples include municipal building land schemes and the Regionale 2010 projects. The city is also able to coordinate such schemes. The concepts are amended and updated as and when required.

General concept and objectives for download

In the download area below you will find the longer-term outlines of the overall concept for Troisdorf and the general objectives of the urban development plan. The information is supplemented by topical summaries and additional pages on the key issues of  Retail industryTransport and  Open space.

When it comes to planning public services, the relevant offices lead the way by drawing up their own plans, such as the school development plan and the sports facilities plan.

The technical infrastructure planning is carried out by the Abwasserbetrieb Troisdorf (sewage treatment department) and the Stadtwerke (public utilities) in Troisdorf, who continually adapt their supply and disposal networks to the requirements of urban development.

You will find further informations (available in PDF format) on the German site.

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