Land-use planning

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Plans govern urban development

The Federal Building Code stipulates that cities and municipalities should draw up plans for urban development to determine how the municipal area should be used, where development is acceptable and what form it should take. Troisdorf city council takes decisions on planning at its own discretion. At the same time, however, it must consider the overriding objectives of land-use policy and planning at regional level, which are covered by the regional plan drawn up by the district authority in Cologne. Departmental planning based on separate legal requirements, such as nature and water conservation legislation, likewise places obligations on municipal planning that must be duly observed.

Land development plan

The  land development plan is drawn up in the form of a preliminary land-use plan for the entire urban district and gives a rough, as opposed to precise, outline of land use, whether for building purposes or for greenery and open space. The job of this preliminary land-use plan is to provide a basic outline of how the land is to be divided up and used for anticipated longer-term urban development.

Building development plans

If and as soon as required, this general plan must be used to draw up more detailed  building development plans for subareas in the form of binding land-use plans incorporating local building legislation for the immediate implementation of construction projects. The building development plans are drawn on the land register map and usually put on display in Troisdorf on a scale of 1:500 or, if the lower level of detail permits, as in industrial zones for example, on a scale of 1:1,000.

Land-use planning procedure

Before a land-use plan comes into force it must pass through a preliminary planning approval process, which begins with the decision to initiate the process. The necessity of the plan in terms of urban development is documented in this preliminary planning approval process. A central element of the preliminary planning approval process is the involvement of the authorities and the general public. Its purpose is to obtain all the key information to ensure that the development is coordinated and has the best possible outcome. Each and every stage of an essential discretionary planning decision is preceded by in-depth discussions on the urban development committee. Public and private interests are carefully weighed up at the same time.

You can find out about preliminary development plans from public notices issued by the city of Troisdorf. It is not general practice to write to the owners of the land in question. Please therefore take note of special notices in Rundblick, Troisdorf edition (official gazette of the town of Troisdorf), with regard to the preliminary planning approval process, public consultation and the coming into force of the land-use plan.

The city of Troisdorf carries out the public consultation process for the majority of land-use plans in two stages in accordance with procedural regulations in the Federal Building Code, generally starting with participation in the form of an information and discussion event, and a public display of the draft plan at a later date.

Public participation at an early stage

An unfinalised preliminary draft, which has been discussed and approved beforehand by the urban development committee, is first presented to ensure that the general public is involved and briefed at an early stage. There are often several versions of the preliminary draft and the advantages and drawbacks of each one are highlighted. Anyone may comment on the planning proposals during the consultation period and put forward their ideas and objections.

Public display

After evaluating the submissions made during the early stages of the participation process, the municipal authority draws up an outline building development plan with proposals for giving due consideration to all the relevant interests. This draft plan is first submitted to the urban development committee for consultation. This body examines the draft and decides on any necessary amendments. The outline building development plan is then put on public display in the City Hall for one month. Members of the public then have the opportunity to inspect the outcome of deliberations in the draft plan and to reconsider their opinions if necessary. The city council makes the final decision on the final version of the plan. If there is any intention to deviate from the draft plan put on display, the amended version of the plan must first be displayed in public.

Same procedure for plan amendments

The same procedure is also used to change land-use plans, provided that amendments do not affect the basic outlines of the plan. The land development plan can also be amended, in conjunction with the drawing-up or amendment of a building development plan if necessary. In the public participation section you will find preliminary draft plans and draft plans currently undergoing consultation.

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