Building and planning regulations

A distinction is made between building projects that need approval and those that do not.

There are simplified and standard procedures for building projects that are subject to approval. There are also privileged building schemes for which approval is not required under certain conditions.
More information on this can be obtained from Services for building regulations (only in German available).

Structural engineering documentation 

The local authority Building Regulations Office requires structural engineering documentation for exemption approvals pursuant to § 67 of the State Building Code North-Rhine Westphalia (BauO NRW) and for procedures subject to approval.

This specifically includes:

  • Documentary evidence of sound insulation,
  • Documentary evidence of heat insulation,
  • Documentary evidence of structural integrity (statics)
  • Documentary evidence of fire protection systems/concepts (for special structures under § 68 I 3 BauO NRW),
  • Documentary evidence of emission protection.

Independent of the building scheme, the following persons are initially responsible for drawing up and checking the technical documentation:

  • a state-certified expert (§ 85 II 1 no. 4 BauO NRW)
  • an architect (§ 58 BauO NRW).

The State Building Code (§ 68 V) does however state that the builder may also ask for the checks related to the structural engineering documentation to be carried out by the local authority Building Regulations Office alone.

Deadline for submission of the above documentary evidence

Documentation must be submitted either with the application or no later than the start of construction, depending on the type of building supervision process.

Staff in the Building Regulations Office will be happy to advise you on this.

(Statutory sources:
§§ 15, 17, 18, 67 II 1, IV 1 to 3, VII 2 to 4, 68 II, III, IV, V, VI, 85 II 1 no. 4 BauO NRW)

Administration fees

The implementation of building and planning regulations will incur a fee which is calculated on a case-by-case basis. The minimum fee is €50.

The construction of a house with an approximate volume of 750 m³ would incur a fee of 456 euro for example.

Guidelines and laws

Of course, buildings of any kind must not be in breach of legal guidelines and legislation. The provisions of public law include not only the laws and directives issued by the Federation and the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, but also the local regulations of the city of Troisdorf (only in German available).

Further information

We have compiled a municipal guide for builders with everything you need to know about building. You will also find more information on building here. This guide and lots of ancillary informations are available in german language. Please contact the Building Regulations and Real Estate Office (Bauordnungsamt, only in German available)

You will find further information on the German site.