Building advice

a man gives a women an advise at the building regulatory agency

Free building advice

Given the complexity of public law, it is advisable to seek building advice if, for
example, you have a house that you wish to build, convert, extend, use for a different purpose or demolish.

Amongst other things, building advice will help to

  • Clear up any misunderstandings
  • Clarify any local factors that must be taken into account

Taking building advice beforehand will ensure that you incur no unnecessary costs and avoid lengthy delays in processing your application.

Essential documentation

You should bring your preliminary designs, an up-to-date site plan and/or an excerpt from the cadastral land register (Liegenschaftskataster, only in German available) to the building advice meeting.

Further recommendations

You must submit a minimum of three copies of your building application to the local authority Building Regulations Office (Bauordnungsamt). Any missing documents will inevitably lead to delays in processing your application, as additional agencies and authorities cannot work in tandem as and when required.

If your building application is to be processed promptly, it is essential that accurate and complete building documentation is submitted to the Building Regulations Office. Should this not be the case, the building application will be rejected and a charge will be payable under the terms of the State Building Code. Not only would this entail expense for you, it would also waste your time unnecessarily.

Before applying for partial building permission in addition to the building application, it is absolutely essential that your chances of success are discussed with the local authority Building Regulations Office, so as to avoid unnecessary expense.

Plots of land for buildings and structures must duly comply with § 16 para. 1 of the State Building Code North-Rhine Westphalia (BauO NRW). For this reason, one of the criteria for issuing a building permit (§ 75 para. 1 BauO NRW) stipulates that the plot of land must be free of unexploded ordnance (only in German available)