Tourist Information

The staff members of the tourist information, from left to right Monika Böger, Natascha Holly-Frieske and Ilonka Vorholz enlarge picture

Troisdorf has to offer something for everyone – especially our guests shall feel comfortable here. The new tourist information at Burg Wissem (Wissem castle) helps to find the highlights for young people and seniors.

The staff members give advice on questions concerning accommodation or catering trade and inform about the diverse touristic opportunities, Troisdorf  is offering: hiking tours at Wahner Heide, swimming pleasure at AGGUA, leisure activities at Rotter See and the new museum MUSIT Museum für Stadt- und Industriegeschichte Troisdorf (Museum of Town and Industrial History).

Whatever you decide for: We are looking forward to your visit and … continue telling about the tourist information!

Opening times

  • Tuesday – Friday from 11 AM  to 5.00 PM
  • Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 10 AM to 6.00 PM,
  • Closed on Mondays

Information provides:

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roomBurg Wissem
adress Stadt Troisdorf

Kölner Straße 176
53840 Troisdorf

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