The Troisdorf city archive

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The Troisdorf City Archive is located in the basement of the Town Hall in Troisdorf, Kölner Straße 176.

Older administrative records are stored in the Historical Archive, whilst more recent material is placed in the interim archive.

Archive facilities

There is a reading room with the local government and archive library, and separate rooms for registry office, personnel and business documents and for collections relating to associations and political parties.

In addition to this, council and committee records (invitations and minutes) are stored in the archive, as well as historical and company history collections.

The Archive has its own series of publications of family registers and monographs, and it also works closely with the Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Troisdorf (Troisdorf Local History Society). Amongst other things, the latter regularly publishes Troisdorf yearbooks.

The most important holdings of the Archive

  • Alt-Troisdorf 1557-1969
  • Alt-Sieglar 1605-1969 (Internet research)
  • Altenrath 1874-1969 (part)
  • Friedrich-Wilhelms-Hütte 1900-1969 (part)
  • Town of Troisdorf from 1969
  • Council minutes from 1846
  • School chronicles from 1836
  • Civil register from 1811
  • Parish registers Altenrath 1690-1946 (copy)
  • Parish registers Troisdorf 1727-1809, 1834-1887 (copy)
  • Bequest Wilhelm Bolz (1873-1960, shoemaker)
  • Bequest Wilhelm Hagedorn (1850-1924, bookseller)
  • Bequest Josef Allexi (1914-1999, local historian)
  • Bequest Hans Jaax (MdL) 1985-1995
  • Collection Wilhelm Hamacher (1883-1951, centre politician) 1920-1951
  • Troisdorf judicial book 1557-1740 (copy)
  • Original land register and maps from 1764
  • Regional newspapers from 1861
  • Collection of newspaper cuttings from 1970
  • Collection of photos from 1920
  • Collection of posters from 1983 with inventory
  • Collection of graphics Pfaffenmütz
  • Association and group archive
  • Business archive


  • Archive library on local and regional history, incl. periodicals
  • Local authority library with collection of law gazettes