Deputy mayors of Troisdorf

The Mayor is assisted by the deputy mayors who are elected by the council.

They are voted in from factions on the council in line with the results of the local elections. The office of deputy mayor is an honorary one. It is the duty of the deputy mayors to represent the Mayor in an official capacity.

The First Deputy (Erster Beigeordneter) represents the Mayor on the part of and in the local authority.

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Name Anschrift Kontakt
Rudolf Eich Hans-Böckler-Straße 17
53842 Troisdorf
Telefon 02241 / 978733
Angela Pollheim Am Wildzaun 12
53842 Troisdorf
Telefon 02241 / 4 45 49
Gisela Günther Larstraße 135
53844 Troisdorf
Telefon 02241 / 47881
Fax 02241 / 391217
Jörg Kaiser Siemensstraße 22
53840 Troisdorf
Telefon 02241 / 40 52 13

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Dezernat I
employee Ms J. Becker-Mussa
adress Stadt Troisdorf
Dezernat I
Kölner Straße 176
53840 Troisdorf

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