Duties and responsibilities of the local representatives

Duties and responsibilities of the local representatives

Local representatives elected by the city council must reside in their locality. They represent the interests of their district vis-à-vis the council. They are also responsible for dealing with specific ongoing administrative matters for their locality and are therefore appointed as honorary officials.

How does one become a local representative?

Local representatives are elected for the term of a council (five years). The proportion of votes achieved in the relevant local election must be taken into account when electing them.

Local representatives are thus an important link between their locality and the city council. They are at any time entitled and obliged to take up requests, suggestions and complaints in their locality and pass these on to the council, to one of its committees or to the Mayor.
The Mayor may also transfer important responsibilities to the local representatives.

The following administrative duties are carried out by the local representatives:

  • Receiving suggestions from residents and passing them on to the local authority
  • Reporting deficiencies to the local authority
  • Issuing life certificates for insurance purposes
  • Certification of copies and signatures (with the exception of affidavits)
  • Helping with the collection of statistics and census-taking 

Local representatives in districts of Troisdorf

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Name District Contact
Altenrath 53842 Troisdorf
Bergheim 53844 Troisdorf
Eschmar 53844 Troisdorf
Friedrich-Wilhelms-Hütte 53840 Troisdorf
Kriegsdorf 53844 Troisdorf
Mitte 53840 Troisdorf
Müllekoven 53844 Troisdorf
Oberlar 53842 Troisdorf
Rotter See 53844 Troisdorf
Sieglar 53844 Troisdorf
Spich 53842 Troisdorf
West 53842 Troisdorf

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Information provides:

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employee Ms C. Andert
adress Stadt Troisdorf
Kölner Straße 176
53840 Troisdorf

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