The Siegniederung

The Siegaue (Sieg floodplain) in the area where the Sieg flows into the Rhine is shaped by the movement of both rivers. The duration and timing of floods are instrumental here in determining the composition of its fauna and flora.

aerial view of the Siegaue (Sieg floodplain) with a little ferry boat enlarge picture

Floodplains have always been highly fertile, which is why they are traditionally used for agriculture and fishing. The Fischerei-Bruderschaft (fishing fraternity) of Bergheim an der Sieg was established in the Siegaue back in the Middle Ages.

In the tightest of spaces, fields of short-lived herbs alternate with fields of shrubs, riverside woodlands, poplar forests and floodplain meadows. Apples and pears are the fruits of choice grown in orchards.

You can go back in time by crossing the Sieg on the nationally known Sieg ferry. Or stop for a bite to eat in the nearby restaurant and beer garden.

hiking trail through the Siegniederung enlarge picture


Hikes through the Siegniederung

There are many walks through the Siegniederung. The Fishing Museum in Bergheim regularly organises guided walks. Join local guides to admire the unique scenery of this floodplain and its many rare and endangered animal and plant species.


Nature conservation area since 1986

The Siegniederung is also a popular local recreational area. The Sieg itself is once more among the leading rivers in Germany in terms of fish stocks.