Museums in Troisdorf

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„The most stupid things in the world must probably a painting in a museum listen to”, the French author Edmond de Goncourt said.

On the other hand, museums serve the function of enlightenment and education. In Troisdorf you have the opportunity to visit five museums.

They inform about the fisheries, plastics, city and industrial history, picture books and our Wahner Heide. It’s worth to visit our museums!

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Museum Adress
Bilderbuchmuseum (Picture Book Museum) Burgallee 1
53840 Troisdorf (-Mitte)
Phone 02241/ 8841-427
Fischereimuseum (Fishing Museum) Nachtigallenweg 39
53844 Troisdorf (-Bergheim)
Phone 0228 / 94589017
Museum für Stadt- und Industriegeschichte Troisdorf (Museum of Town and Industrial History) Burgallee 3
53840 Troisdorf (-Mitte)
Phone 02241/900-456 (Tourist-Information)
Portal Wahner Heide Burg Wissem Burgallee 3
53840 Troisdorf (-Mitte)
Phone 02241/900-456 (Tourist-Information)

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