Troisdorf Integration Commissioners

Irene Sieben and Paul Brachthäuser, the city's Intehration Commissioners, in front of the city hall enlarge picture

Frau Irene Sieben and Herr Paul Brachthäuser have been the city's Integration Commissioners since 2002.

Office hours

There are fixed office hours for the Integration Commissioners at the City Hall:

Every Wednesday from 14.00 to 16.00 hours in room E 25. 

Between 10 and 15 people make use of this service. Both Integration Commissioners are normally present.

Duties of the Integration Commissioners

The Integration Commissioners

  • Advise and support ethnic German immigrants and foreign nationals in their integration. In individual cases they will serve to represent interests.
  • Cultivate contacts with foreign associations, welfare services and other organisations that deal with the situation of ethnic German immigrants and foreign nationals.
  • Campaign for the adoption of measures to promote the integration of ethnic German immigrants and foreign nationals. They also take care of additional services.

Priority target groups

The Integration Commissioners mediate on behalf and represent the interests of ethnic German immigrants and foreign nationals in dealing with specific problems and obstacles to integration. They collaborate with existing institutions such as the Integration Council and complement their services. The priority groups are ethnic German immigrants on the one hand and newcomers in Troisdorf on the other.

The city's efforts towards integration

At its meeting on 2 July 2002 the city council decided that extensive efforts towards integration in the city of Troisdorf should be supported and furthered by honorary Integration Commissioners and that this should also apply in particular to those people who had resettled in the city.

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