Support and advice services in the city of Troisdorf

Troisdorf Integration Office

The city of Troisdorf offers a wide variety of information and advice services for citizens with a migrant background, including individual counselling services and support services for families and asylum seekers. The Integration Office has all the relevant information.

Language development

The Integration Office organises language courses.

Various primary schools offer remedial teaching in German. You can contact the School Administration Office (Schulverwaltungsamt, only in German available) for information on all secondary schools. It also has information on the Troisdorf "TROGATA" project (all-day schooling).

Language development and courses are also offered by many day nurseries and family centres. You can obtain further information on this from the advisory service for children's daycare facilities at the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt, only in German available).

Places on language courses can also be arranged. The multi-generational "Haus International" centre can arrange for women in particular to attend literacy and integration courses.

Language teaching, integration courses and naturalisation tests are offered by the Adult Education Centre (Volkshochschule).

Events and clubs

Troisdorf is a vibrant community with a wide variety of interesting activities and events (only in German available).

As well as local clubs, many migrant associations are also based in Troisdorf. A list of all migrant organisations, together with contact details, can be found here (only in German available).

Further services

The charitable organisation (Diakonisches Werk) of the An Sieg und Rhein Protestant parish offers counselling for refugees at Kölner Str. 101, 53840 Troisdorf.

The contact person is Marion Spiekermann, tel.: 02241/ 97 35 697

Apart from the municipal advice centres, the Troisdorf Integration Council is also available to deal with questions and problems for the citys migrants.